Clarity's model is completely network & referral driven, so we have one of the best referral schemes on the market to reward our network should you refer an experienced IT Recruitment professional to us.

To ensure parity, we base the referral fees on the candidates starting salary - so the higher our fee, the higher your fee!

0 - £19,999 (candidates salary) - £250 
£20,000 - £29,999 @ £500 
£30,000 - £39,999 @ £750 
£40,000 and over @ £1000

We are interested in candidates from those with 6 months + IT Recruitment experience all the way up to Board Level in any location across the Globe - we have a truly Global network having executed placements across UK & EMEA, USA & Asia-Pac. So whatever the location of your contact, we are confident of placing them successfully.

We are happy to keep the source of the referral confidential should you wish - all we need is the name and number, we'll do the rest.

Please contact us for more information on 07940 223766 or

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